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The Design House Scans the original painting making us unique from other reproduction studios.

Scanning the original painting allows us to create the sharpest digital file possible. Because the painting is scanned directly into the computer and not with a photographic camera we are able to capture the true colours of the original painting. This makes it possible to match the colours of the giclée prints to the original painting We are able to Scan large paintings on any medium up to 8ft . The paintings are scanned with a flatbed process and are never fed through a roller or drum system.

Another advantage to scanning the original painting is the size of the file that is created. When scanning a painting we do not need to re-size the file to create prints the same size as the original. (When you use a camera to capture a digital file of a painting it will need to be sized up with digital software in order to have prints made, the result is poor quality and inaccurate colour.

Photo of Scanner Scanning

Our Process for Museum Quality Giclée Prints

Scanning Painting being scanned
Colour Setup painting showing colour setup
Printing photo of Large  Printer